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A library of stories and career roadmaps by creative professionals from Disney to NASA to help the next generation of visual thinkers, creative kids, high school students & college grads.


Are you curious, creative, or a visual thinker?

If you said yes, congratulations on your superpower IRL! You have unlimited career paths before you. Creative and visual thinkers are unique in that they possess the ability to take complex ideas, data, and even feelings, to visualize and create solutions or stories that can unite visions, change the world or bring joy to humanity.

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Never be limited by other people's limited imaginations.

—Dr. Mae C. Jemison, American engineer, physician, former NASA astronaut, first black woman to travel into space.

From engineering spaceships, fighting climate change, designing electric cars or illustrating children's books, there is not an industry in the universe that does not rely on design or creative thinkers. In fact, the need for creative thinkers is in demand. If you are a scientist who wants to be an artist, or an artist who wants to be a scientist, your passion and hard work will get you there, and we want to help light the way.

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We're here to help.

What should I put in my portfolio or resume? How do I find my first job? Can I follow my dreams, and also make a living to pay my rent, school loans, car, groceries?


We've all been there. We understand and we want to help. We've collected stories and career road maps from a diverse group of creative professionals to help you on your quest. We'll share action you can take in high school, to choosing art or traditional universities, to understanding job titles when you start your job search from Intern to Chief Creative Officer. Plus, we believe the world needs more creative thinkers who are intuitive and sensitive to the needs of a better planet and kinder world.

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Looking for heroes.

Want to help guide the way? We're looking for professional creative thinkers and visual storytellers like you. Drop us a line with your name, profession, a brief description of what you do and we'll send you a few questions. 

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